Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Popular Aelos E-Liquids

Aelos E liquids are one of the popular range of e-liquids from our line of e-juice products. Whats great about these e-liquids is the number of different flavors they come in, giving you a wide range of e-juices to choose from. With their range of vibrant colors, its not only a treat for the eyes but also gives you a taste of various tangy mixture of e-juices. A if this wasn't enough, the Aelos E-liquids come in a nicotine level of 0mg, 8mg, 16mg and 24mg, so many choices just within one range of e-liquids. 

Out of the 10 Aelos e-liquids, we have our top four for the week picked out all thanks to our customers! You guys rock! 

First off we have the very classic Aelos E-Liquid Tobacco, which by its name pretty much gives it away. This e-liquid is for those who are trying to quit smoking but still crave the tobacco flavor, hence the age old tobacco flavoring mix is what you'd want and probably why this is one of our most popular e-liquids from the Aelos range.

Next we have the fruity Aelos E-Liquid Pineapple Mango, a combination of two sweet fruits that give you the sweetening and soothing taste you crave. I would highly recommend this one for those who are all about fruits and all things sweet! Give it a go and let us know what you think! 

All things citrus, then definitely Aelos E-Liquid Citrus has your name on it. This popular e-liquid gives you the kick you get with citrus fruits and is just right for those hot summer days when all you want to do is chill and cool off. Its selling like hot cake and with summer around the corner you might want to stock up for when you want to vape on those cool summer nights!

Lastly we have Aelos E-liquid Menthol which made it in our top four list. Its got that menthol feel to each time you draw and another one of those e-liquids that helps smokers trying to quit but still craving the cigarette taste! 

So this sums up our top four Aelos e-Liquid list for now. Try them out and give us a shout out to what you think!! 


  1. Wow you guy's are outstanding, if you have not tried their products you should, I'm in love with there rainbow flavor.

  2. Wow you guy's are outstanding, if you have not tried their products you should, I'm in love with there rainbow flavor.

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